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Professional Writing Service in Northern Ireland

Have you ever wanted to write or put together your memoirs, family history, or other personal project?


At Artema, we can assist you with this, ensuring that your memories or histories are preserved for future generations.


We can help you either to begin writing your personal project, or can assist in collating into a printed form all of the writings or other materials which you have already gathered.


An example of our work can be seen to the right. In An Irish Lineage we were involved in a major study of various interconnected family branches who were spread throughout the world. We printed their history as a book which incorporated family trees, census returns, old family letters and other papers, and a variety of photographs, thus creating a permanent record of this family, and a memorable keepsake for all of its members living across the globe.

an irish lineage

Proof-Reading and Literary Services

With vast experience of preparing work for publication, and excellent editorial skills alongside knowledge of a range of subject areas, Artema also provides proof-reading and literary services for many different types of project.

Proof-Reading services

The types of work which we typically proof-read for include:


  • Work intended for publication either in print or online

  • Reports and other documents

  • Work written by self-publishing writers

  • Dissertations and theses for international students, for   whom English is not a first language.

Literary services

With a PhD in literary studies, Jennifer is well-equipped to provide a literary critique for both fiction and non-fiction writing. She will review your work, can provide an editorial service, and will write-up a report for you. Indeed, we can take a look at your writing at any stage of your project and advise you on it.



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