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Begin your genealogical research

At Artema our major passion is genealogy, and helping clients to discover their own family history, and the research which we carry out is completely tailored to your own budget, needs and requirements.


As experienced genealogists in Ireland specifically, we have direct access to a number of archives, libraries, public record offices, and other sources, where we can examine records for you at first-hand. We also have access to a wide range of resources which can aid with tracing the journeys which your ancestors made throughout the globe. When we have completed our research, we will then present you with a written report detailing our findings in a straightforward and readable way.


However, if you would like a more formalised memento of this research, we can produce your family history for you as a small book or booklet. This would also make an ideal and unique one-off gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, other special occasions, or just as a keepsake for your family to have. Alternatively, if you have already researched your family history and have a wealth of material which you would like to have collated into an easily read and printable form, or if you would like help in writing and putting together your own personal memoirs, this is also a service which Artema provides.

With extensive research experience spanning a diverse number of fields and disciplines, Artema also carries out a wide range of other research projects, regardless of what stage your project is currently at.


We have vast experience of planning and managing research projects, from the earliest stages of brainstorming and planning to the final end result, incorporating a range of research methodologies, and the gathering, management, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of research findings. Artema provides a highly efficient and professional research service, ensuring that your deadlines are met.  


Artema will also disseminate research findings to a target audience if required, whether in written form (for example, via reports or papers for conferences or publication) or verbally (we have vast experience of presenting to target groups and conferences, both nationally and internationally).


Whatever your project, and whether it is personal or corporate, do feel free to contact us to discuss it further.

Our other professional research services

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Family Tree

Would you like to know more about your family history?


Understanding your background can help you make sense of who you are today.

Researching your ancestors may feel like a daunting task but Artema in Northern Ireland have the experience to help you complete your family tree and trace your family history.

Trace Family Ancestry

Did any of your ancestors fight for their country?


What were the important events in your ancestors' lives?


Artema can help you trace your family ancestry back via specific Irish Parish records, archives, libraries, public record offices, and many other sources.

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